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Hello! I am thirty years old and a graduate of University of Washington in Seattle, where I majored in computer science. Besides computer science I have also been learning Mandarin Chinese for eight years and been living continuously in China for over five years. Right now I am living in Hangzhou, China and engaged in manufacturing outsourcing with ChinaForge.com, a company that I helped found.

Research and Projects

During my time as a student at UW, I did a year of full-time engineering co-op work at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. I wrote software to do voice recognition. The goal was to be able to verify a speaker's identity from his or her voice with enough certainty to be useful for security applications. All my code was written in C++ and compiles with Visual C++ as well as the Gnu C Compiler.

Also while at UW I did some undergraduate research projects related to computer vision. One project involved the creation of pushbroom panoramic images, which are images created by panning a camera past a scene. As a TA for UW's Computer Vision course in Winter 2003, I created the final project, a face recognition project using Eigenfaces techniques.


First solo I received my private pilot's license on October 16, 1998. This is my photo taken after my first solo on September 27, 1997. The aircraft pictured is the Cessna 150 in which I trained. After getting my license I also did some flying in a Cessna 172, which is a larger plane with more power. I have not had time to fly in the past few years, but maybe I will get back into it in the future!

Programming is great fun, so I also do programming projects for my own personal enjoyment. Several years ago I made Laser Kombat, a freeware puzzle game for Windows 95/98. Laser Kombat was programmed in C++ and utilizes DirectX. I would like to change it to OpenGL and make it available for other platforms besides Windows, but I haven't had time lately.


The company I helped to found provides services for companies that need to do manufacturing and other business in China. We focus on plastic injection molding, and have set up an injection molding factory in Hangzhou, China. Please see our ChinaForge.com website for details.

I sometimes work as a software development contractor, when I can find time outside of my regular business. I have experience in C++, assembly language, Python, PHP, and many other languages. If you're looking for a programmer, please check out my online Resume and Rates. I'm always interested in hearing ideas for interesting and challenging projects.


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